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The 7VS Story

"I‘d rather laugh with the Sinners than cry with the Saints."  - Billy Joel

The 7VS Brand: Virtue X Sin is defined by design concepts for the Sinner and Saint in all of us. Inspired by the variable that results in an act of VIrtue to be revealed or a Sin commited, The 7VS Brand: Virtue X Sin represents an unmistakable attitude and style to Live your Life.

We call this variable the X.  This X variable is found between Virtue and Sin.  Some have called it the crossroads of Life; a continuous struggle between good and evil.  Where's that moral compass?  But we’re not here to preach.  We want you to Live your Life with style.

That X variable can be fueled by a vice, desire, passion, or temptation.  For some the X variable marks the point of no return, no turning back   It can also be a defining moment in time.  A time to take action and to get off that X.  Live your Life.

The 7VS Brand: Virtue X Sin represents your  own lifestyle.  Vive vitam tuam...  Live your Life.